Rock Climbing courses in Andalucía

Climbing SevillaIntroductory climbing course in Seville: Cerro del Hierro

Together we will climb some initiation routes, which is an exciting and inspiring activity that is available to everyone! Later we will explore the area, going deep into tunnels and caves and through hundreds of impressive towers of rock that make this old iron mine so unique. Adventure is guaranteed!
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Climbing CádizIntroductory climbing course in Cadiz: Bolonia

Live the experience of discovering the world of rock climbing enjoying the views of the incredible beaches of Tarifa and the coast of Africa. We will try three climbing routes and at the end of the day we will hike to the highest point of the Sierra de San Bartolo, not to miss the best view of the dunes of the beach of Bolonia.
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Climbing CádizRock climbing course in Cadiz: Bolonia

Finally, the mountains and the beach found in one place! This course will combine two days of training on how to climb safely, with evenings enjoying this paradise of dunes, rocks and beaches. Situated in the most southern part of Europe, with views of the African continent!
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