Paraíso Andaluz took its first steps as an adventure company in 2002. Our team came together as the result of a shared passion for the world of adventure sports and traveling. Each member has extensive international experience in their field!

Although relaxing on the beach is often a nice idea, Andalusia has much more to offer. The diverse region presents an array of other activities, many of them which are protected like old secrets by the locals. But with Paraiso Andaluz, we´ll make sure that you´ll be in the know!

Climb up rocky walls, descend to underground caves, balance a kayak beside cliffs, pull your body up the steep side of a mountain, or trek away the day…either way, the beautiful views of Andalusia will amaze you!

Plus, at Paraiso Andaluz we not only have a commitment to proper training, but also to safety.

With our adventure experts you will not only feel at home (or actually much better), but will leave with a new vision of Andalucia, having had an unforgettable experience in the in the crème of the crème of Spanish nature!

Cordially yours,

Óscar García-Dils Vega

Technical Supervisor