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Climbing course in Malaga in "El Chorro"

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Price List


Rock climbing course in "El Chorro" (Malaga)

95 € / pax

The activity is paid in advance by bank transfer.

The price does not include transportation, meals or lodging. In the area there are several camping sites, apartments and hostels, with great variety of options and prices. If you do not have your own vehicle or you would like to share costs, it is necessary to pay the organization 20 € extra per person for the round trip from the center of Seville.

Schedules and meeting point

We leave Seville by car on Saturday at 9:00 AM from the car parks located below the Torre del Oro . If you prefer, you can also be directly in the area where we will perform the activity, in the village of El Chorro, belonging to Alora (Málaga). In this case we will send you a map and directions to get there without problems. The return to Seville is about 21:30 on Sunday.

Description of the activity


Day 1: Saturday


We leave Seville at 9:00 from the car parks located below the Torre del Oro. We arrived at about 11:00 El Chorro.


We'll start with a theoretical introduction of climbing. We climb several simple ways of initiation, testing the routes with top rope. We rehearse several basic maneuvers, and at the end of the day begin to lead our first routes. On this first day you will learn to:

  • Leading routes, that is, scalar first string

  • Mount meetings

  • Ensure

  • Make abseiling

  • Basic knots

  • Tactical climbing

  • Technical climbing

At the end of the day we take the opportunity to meet other climbing areas, see the different routes of medium and high difficulty. Escofriante show the mythical trail known as "King's Road", but without getting into it.

After the sunset, we go to camping "El Chorro", where we will sleep. If desired you can dine in the Bar-Restaurant "La Garganta" with incredible views of the walls of the front and Gorge Gaitanes.

For information on the campsite, click here

Day 2: Sunday

At 9:30 on Sunday went from the camping, climbing in other different walls.

We will prove long routes, leading with beautiful views of the valley. The aim of the day is to strengthen the concepts learned in the previous day slightly higher and more complicated routes.

About 18:00 we tackle climb, and we will relax the shelter of the area to take a last coffee break before embarking on the trip back, under the impressive walls of the front.

Around 19:00 we left for Seville. Arriving at approximately 21:00 on.

Requirements to participate

In order to perform the activity of rock climbing with us you must be aged between 14 and 60 years and weighing between 40 and 120 kg.

The practice of climbing, people suffering from hypertension, cardiorespiratory disorders, pregnancy or women who suspect they may be, recent neurological disorders, epilepsy, bone, joint or ligament problems, sprains, muscle injury is not recommended , diabetes, asthma, panic attacks and / or anxiety.

No practice climbing intoxicated or under the influence of any illegal drug is allowed.

What's the activity?

Harness, quickdraws, climbing shoes, chalk bag, insurance, helmet and rope UIAA and CE approval.

Guides with international experience over 15 years in the practice of climbing.

Liability insurance and accident (Hübener with no policy CLWACC-TA-1001-09-00442), according to that indicated in Decree 20/2002, Tourism in Rural and Active Tourism.

What recommend you bring to the activity?


Sport Boots

Comfortable pants for climbing long sleeve

Clothing heat (35 ° C). At night you can cool (10 ° C).

Backpack lightweight (about 30 liters).

1 liter bottle of water per person.

Food for the day.


We wish you a safe and fun climbing!

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